You can download and examine these libraries, and reuse them in your own Omnis projects.

CSS Button

Demo-Library (created by Jason G.) that demonstrates how to use your own CSS classes via $cssclassname.
Download: CSS_Button (zip)

JavaScript Clock

The library contains a remote form jsClock that can be used as a subform in any Omnis JavaScript project.
Download: JSclock (zip)

Datagrid Select Cell

Demo-Library (created by Jason G.) that demonstrates how to select a certain cell in a jsDatagrid via Javascript.
Download: Datagrid Select Cell (zip)

Font Add

Demo-Library that demonstrates how to add new fonts to #WIWFONTS System table by notation.
Download: Font Add (zip)

Format cell

Demo-Library that demonstrates the of jsDatagrid $formatcell() method in conjunction with styledtohtml() function.
Download: Format cell (zip)

Treelist Style

This example demonstrates how to display formatted (styled) text in a Fat Client treelist.
Download: Treelist Style (zip)

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