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    Hi to all,
    i am a Omnis developer with little time and I have a problem I can not solve.
    The problem is: I can not calculate the length of the area where it is printed records. I try to be more precise. The print is of an invoice. The item ‘description’ field can be one line or multiple lines. If it is multiple lines I can not stop printing the record section so that, the print is veri bad formatted.
    It is posible calculate how many line the report print end take it under control, to stop printing current page and continue to print in a new page?

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    Hi Mimmo,

    try using a positioning section with $pagemode equal to kFitonpage, so the report automatically will start a new page if the section go beyond the bottom border (of the page).



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    Thank’s Rocco, but i must print an inovoice, with in th footer of the page I must print total or similar. I cann’ot control the record area. Is i print only record the record area ends in the midddle of the page and the area between the end of the records and the start of the footer is empty what’s really bad to see in an invoice. I can fill this blank space with blank record printing, but I can not calculate how many records I have to print. If I have an invoice with three articles but each article has a description of several rows, the printing of the empty redords ends up on the totals in the footer. I do not know I explained it well.
    If you have any suggestions, thank you

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