Windows 10 Omnis JavaScript Wrapper Released

We are delighted to announce the release of the JavaScript Wrapper for creating standalone “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP) applications. The wrapper allows you to package up your JavaScript Client based Omnis application into a Windows 10 compatible app that can be deployed and run on most Windows 10 based devices, including Desktops, Tablets and Phones. Such apps can be deployed within an organisation or via the Windows App Store. The Windows 10 wrapper is compatible with Omnis Studio 8.0.2 and joins the Android and iOS wrappers available already. In order to build your Windows 10 wrapper, you will need to install Visual Studio 2015; the free Community Edition is sufficient, if you meet the licensing criteria.

The JavaScript wrapper project files we provide allow you to build your own custom apps, which create a thin layer around a simple Web Viewer which can load your JavaScript remote form. They also allow your form access to much of the device’s native functionality, such as contacts, GPS, and camera using the JS Device component. The JavaScript form operates inside the wrapper in the same way as it would inside a standard desktop browser, communicating directly with the Omnis App Server and your backend database which can both be based ‘on premise’ or in the cloud. Such standalone apps can also work in ‘serverless mode’, without a network connection, using an embedded SQLite database for caching local data and then synchronizing data and application content using the Omnis SyncServer library.

To download the Windows 10 wrapper project files, and to read the docs, please go to:


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