Using the Field List in Omnis Studio

The Field list is a useful tool for managing the components on a JavaScript remote form or window design screen. Indeed it is very useful if you need to select a specific component which is partly obscured or hidden in the form or window. To open the Field list, you can Right-click/Cmnd-click on the form or window background, or a field or component, and select the Field List option. The currently selected component is checked in the Field list, or you can check a component name in the list to select it in the form, which is useful if it the component is hidden under multiple layers or is off the visible form area.

The Field list can be useful if you need to select the background of a form, for example to set its properties in the Property Manager, but the form is completely filled with components and no form background is available to click on, as is often the case for mobile forms. To select the form or window background in this case, you can open the Field List and check the form name at the top of the list (which will deselect any components), or if you click on any individual component, then shift-click it to deselect it, the focus will be returned to the form background and its properties will be shown in the Property Manager.

New for Omnis Studio 8.1

In the upcoming release of Omnis Studio 8.1 (which is in Beta phase), you will be able to use the Space bar to select a control in the Field List, so when the focus is in the Field List, you could use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the list and use Space bar to select a control as required. The Shift-Space keypress will allow you to select (or deselect) multiple, discontinuous controls in the list.


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