Use Dictation to enter text into Omnis

Dictation in Studio 8.0.3

In Omnis Studio 8.0.3 end users can now use their voice to enter text into their application on macOS. Dictation support is enabled for text entry fields and any other controls that allow text entry, usually from the keyboard, such as the enterable part of a combo box or entry fields inside a complex grid. The dictation capability is built into macOS and has been enabled for text entry fields in the latest version of Omnis Studio 8.0.3 for mac OS (Mavericks or Sierra only).

To use dictation, end users have to enable it on their computer, via the System Preferences>>Keyboard option, and it has to be enabled in Omnis using an option in the configuration file (config.json). Once dictation is enabled, end users can use it to enter text into edit fields using their voice. You have to place the cursor in the text entry box (entry field, combo box or grid), then press the default keypress to open dictation, which is Fn Fn, i.e. press the Function key twice. When activated the dictation feature displays a microphone next to or under the insertion point ready to receive voice input; this feature works for desktop window classes and in a browser for JavaScript remote forms (and it works in the Windows version of Omnis running under Parallels on a Mac…). To stop dictation, you can click Done, press the Function key once, or switch to another window.

Dictation in Omnis

There are two levels of dictation support in macOS: Standard and Enhanced: with the enhanced option, the dictation engine can be downloaded onto your computer, to allow off-line support and more privacy, and you can use a larger set of commands. For more information about support for dictation in macOS, see the Apple support website:

For more info about using Dictation in Studio 8.0.3, and the other new features in this release see the ‘Whats new’ doc, available here:

To try this new version, you can download it and sign up for a 90-day free trial:


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