Omnis Studio Example Libraries on Github

Omnis on Github

Omnis Software has a repository on the popular code sharing website Github and it contains several example libraries, including many JS component libraries and other libraries containing sample Omnis code. Omnis Studio 8.1 was released in August 2017 and it allows you to export an Omnis library as a number of JSON files (the library, classes and methods are separate files), which you can then store in any external code management system, such as Github.

Omnis on Github

The new Omnis Software repo on Github is here:

There are a number of featured or pinned examples which you may find of special interest – we have most recently added the JS FileZip example.

  • JS Signature
    allows an end user to input their signature using touch or the pointer which is then captured as a JPG image
  • JS Five-Stars
    allows the end user to select a star rating which can be added to your JavaScript web and mobile apps
  • JS Weather
    shows the use of Web Services in Omnis accessing weather forecast information from an external provider
  • JS FileZip
    shows how you can use the JS File component to ZIP up a number of files and download a file to the client device

Try Omnis Studio for yourself

In order to try the example libraries which you can download from Github, you’ll need a copy of the latest Omnis Studio version 8.x which you can download here:


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