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Omnis Studio 8.1 Beta

Omnis Studio 8.1 will be the next major release of Omnis Studio and it promises to have one or two exciting new features, as well as the usual fault fixes and minor updates. Members of the Omnis Developer partner program (ODPP) are invited to start testing the Beta version of this release: a small number of developers have been testing this version privately, but it is time to release this in a public beta phase (limited to ODPP members).

It is anticipated that the Omnis Studio 8.1 release will focus on a number of areas, most of which are in response to developer requests, including third-party VCS support and responsive JavaScript forms. The Beta contains the foundation of some of these enhancements (as below), but further core development is taking place. The following is a short summary of some of the enhancements in Studio 8.1 Beta

  • Third-Party VCS Support
    the Beta allows you to export/import Omnis libraries in JSON format; in later releases we hope to extend this capability to support third-party VCS repositories (such as GIT or SVN)
  • Responsive JavaScript Forms
    JavaScript remote forms will have have custom breakpoints for different layouts, displayed in a single design window, to support fully resizeable forms
  • JavaScript Edit fields
    New properties will be added to auto correct, capiltalize, and complete words as the end user types into JavaScript Edit fields
  • Web Services
    RESTful web services will support POSTs with the content type “application/x-www-formurlencoded”

A number of other enhancements have been added in the Beta, including: $showheaderlines for Headed Lists and Tree Lists to display header lines; method lines longer than 255 characters will now fully display in the method editor; control characters will be displayed in the Method Editor when inspecting the contents of a variable; pressing return in the Component Store will act like a double-click, by adding the control to the design window; the Code Assistant will recognise custom properties.

To apply to test the Studio 8.1 Beta release, assuming you are in the ODPP, please go to the Beta signup form:


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