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Omnis Team Updates

Over the past few months we have been looking to expand the Omnis team as we move forward with our technical and sales plans. We are delighted to report that we have found some excellent people and would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you. And we’re not stopping there… we are looking to boost the Software development team as well, so expect some more announcements!

Stephen Mitchell

Stephen MitchellOmnis Software is very pleased to welcome Stephen Mitchell to the company.  Stephen will be heading up Business Development for the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada, working from our HQ at Carlton Park in the UK.

Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having worked in sales for over 20 years for several technology and solution companies. He has worked for small bespoke software developers and web designers, large multinational Realtime OS companies, manufacturers of disruptive process automation technology and IT infrastructure. His goal is to enable all our partners and customers to realise the full potential of the relationship with Omnis and we are very excited to have him here.

Over the next few weeks Stephen will endeavour to speak to as many people in the Omnis community as possible and will hopefully be meeting many of you at EurOmnis in October.

Stephen is contactable on 44 07940 955847, or email, and via

Please join us in welcoming Stephen to the Omnis community.

As well as Sales, we have recently expanded the QA team at Carlton Park in the UK taking on two engineers. They will work on testing the latest Omnis Studio versions, working closely with the engineering team, building test apps for existing and new features.

Daniel Brennan

Daniel BrennanI studied physics, chemistry and maths in sixth form and then went on to earn an NVQ in composites manufacturing. This involved producing fibreglass, aramid and carbon fibre components for a variety of industries: medical, aerospace and motorsport among them. I also went to work in a supermarket on the side of my apprenticeship, doing stock control.

I had been learning to code from internet tutorials and books for a few years by then; my skillset included the basics of a few different programming languages. Mostly, I worked on small, simplistic mobile and web game projects for fun and to practice what I had learned. I also did some 3D rendering and graphics design for these projects.

Technology is something I’ve always been fascinated by, so I moved to King’s Lynn to attend the College of West Anglia and enrolled in a computing course. I hoped it would help me to take my interests in a more professional direction. The course introduced me to subjects such as: web design, java programming, database management and networking. I really enjoyed the course, and now I’m looking forward to working in the IT industry.

Scott Garrod

Scott GarrodI have always been into technology as far back as I can remember. Our family had a Commodore 64 which definitely kickstarted my love for everything electronic. I fondly remember playing with it for hours on end, although I don’t think I would be able to remember how to do anything with it now! After finishing college, doing Cisco networking, iMedia, and ICT courses, I wound up in retail for ten years.

While I met a lot of nice people, it wasn’t really my ideal environment. After accidentally applying for the job at Omnis, thinking that it was closer to where I lived, I made the decision that it was worth relocating to do a job that is far better suited to my interests than staying where I was.

When I’m not at work I enjoy exploring the new area in Suffolk and consuming as much media as I can, be it books, music, films and shows, or games. If there’s one thing I do miss from where I used to live it would be having the beach only a few minutes’ walk away. There’s not much I find more relaxing than reading with the sounds of the sea in the background…



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