Omnis JavaScript Wrappers support Push Notifications in Studio 8.1

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are now supported in Omnins Studio 8.1 in the Android, iOS, and Windows 10 JavaScript Wrappers (version 2.0+) which means you can send messages to any clients that have your mobile app installed (even if it is not running). In this respect, the ability to send push notifications provides a powerful and interactive feature that proactively encourages end users to open and use your Omnis mobile app.

A notification or message pushed to a client could include an important news item, a message to users about a new entry into the database (a new product for example), or anything else you want your end users to know about. You can include a payload of data to send with the notification, which will be passed to your Remote Form, allowing you to react to the user clicking on the notification.

How does it work?

Support for notifications is provided via the Cloud Messaging or Push Notification Service on the respective platform, which must be enabled in your mobile app project when it is built using the latest JavaScript Wrapper SDK. To setup notifications in your app on Android and iOS, you will need to use Firebase from Google: on Windows 10 you need to setup the Push Notification Services in the Store Dashboard.

In order to manage notifications, it is possible to create groups of devices, and send notifications to particular groups, or individual devices. All this functionality can be achieved in your Omnis code (using the notation), or using an admin tool, called Push Notifications, under the Tools>>Add ons menu on the Omnis menubar. Note the tool is an Omnis library located in the Startup folder which must be present for Push Notifications to work in your mobile apps, including your Omnis code, and for the Omnis App Server configuration to be setup.

Further information & JS Wrapper download

For further information about setting up Push Notifications in your mobile apps, see the Push Notifications document on the wrapper download page, available here:


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