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A majority of the features in Omnis Studio are built directly into the main Omnis executable, while other parts of Omnis are implemented as External Components, for example, the SQL Data Access Modules (the “DAMs”), the JavaScript remote form components, and the Web Services & JSON objects are all implemented as external components. In fact, the External Components API is an essential part of Omnis Studio, and a very powerful feature to allow developers to “extend” Omnis Studio’s capabilities, either by implementing their own external components or by utilising externals obtained from a third-party developer.

With third-party externals in mind, we have added an Externals Gallery to the Omnis Dev portal, which will allow third-party developers to showcase their own external components. At present, the list features an external called OmTapi, by SEO Softworks, which adds the ability to any Omnis application to view the phone number of incoming calls and to search for them in a database. Over the coming days and weeks, we will add further components to the list, and we invite developers to add/submit their own for inclusion – the gallery will include free or paid-for externals.

Take a look at the new gallery:


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