Omnis Academy: now available online

The Omnis Academy allows developers to learn how to create enterprise and web applications using Omnis Studio. The Academy course is provided, free of charge, over three days in the classroom, in Germany and other locations in Europe. We are pleased to announce that the same course will now be available online, starting with the first of five chapters being released on the Omnis website – the other chapters will follow week by week. The online Academy will build into a comprehensive set of videos and libraries, that will guide you through creating a small CRM web application from scratch using Omnis Studio. The videos are recorded by Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior consultant with Omnis Software Germany, who has a vast experience of using and teaching Omnis. The course application libraries and PDF docs will also be available.

What’s in the first chapter?

The first of the Online Academy chapters provides an all-round introduction to Omnis Studio and includes the following topics:

  • Setting up the library: default library name, project folders, Monitor task
  • Documentation class: create a code class to record version information
  • Class design: Types of class
  • Conventions: class and variable naming conventions
  • Programming concepts: Tasks and Objects, Abstraction, Inheritance
  • SQL Logon: create $logon method, read logon from an INI

The online or in-class Academy course is suited to new or intermediate Omnis developers, or other programmers who are already familiar with a similar development tool or programming language, such as Java. It would be an advantage if you have used Omnis before or spent some time evaluating it before the course. The course would be ideal for developers who have used Omnis 7 or an earlier version of Omnis Studio (up to Studio 6), and those wishing to move up to the latest version of Omnis Studio 8.

More information

For more information about the Online Academy, or to sign up to the in-class Academy, please see our website:


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