Omnis Academy: Learn Application Development for Free

Omnis Studio allows you to build many types of web and mobile applications, for all types of organisations and industries. If you are looking to prototype an application quickly, or to learn modern application development from scratch, then Omnis Studio also provides you with all the right tools in one place – unlike many other tools, Omnis Studio allows you to build apps from start to finish without having to install a large stack of other tools and technologies (but it also integrates with many external sources as well).

We set up the Omnis Academy to provide the environment and resources for developers to learn how to use Omnis Studio – whether you’re a beginner, or a student, or an experienced developer with another tool, we’re sure you’ll find the course available in the academy very useful to acquire new skills and to benefit your business. You can attend a 3 day class to take the whole course of lessons, or you can complete the course online, so you can learn at your own pace – either way, the academy course is completely free of charge and available to anyone.

What’s in the Academy course?

The Online Academy course is split into five chapters, in which you will build a small CRM web application from scratch:

  • Chapter 1 – Setting up the Library
  • Chapter 2 – Data Objects and SQL Classes
  • Chapter 3 – UI Design & Subforms
  • Chapter 4 – Superclasses, Lists & Menus
  • Chapter 5 – Encryption & Implementing a role based grant system

With each chapter there is a video, an Omnis library (and other files), and a PDF document. The videos are recorded in English by Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior consultant with Omnis Software Germany, who has over 20 years’ experience creating enterprise and web applications in Omnis Studio, as well as speaking at tech conferences, and teaching the in-class academy courses.

More information

To do the Online Academy course, or to sign up to the in-class Academy, please see our website:



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