New Worker Objects provide powerful Web & Email comms in Studio 8.1.1

OW3 Worker Objects

There is a new external package in Omnis Studio 8.1.1, called OW3, that provides various Web Commands that allow you to perform “low-level” Web- and Email-based communications which you can build into your applications, including support for HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and IMAP clients (these supersede the External Commands and Web Worker Objects in previous versions).

By using the OW3 Worker Objects you can execute long-running tasks on a background thread, such as running a large mailshot, that reports back to the main thread when the task is complete. In addition, the OW3 new worker objects use the open source CURL library, and native secure connection implementations for Windows and macOS, so they should have fewer deployment issues than the implementations available in previous versions (the existing worker objects required Java, but this is not needed for the new worker objects).

The new OW3 Worker Objects can be selected in the Object Selection dialog in the Method Editor when creating an Object variable; you need to set its subtype to one of the OW3 worker objects, either the HTTPClientWorker, SMTPClientWorker, FTPClientWorker, or IMAPClientWorker object under the OW3 Worker Objects group.

OW3 Worker Objects

Having created the variable you can call the web or email commands (methods) using OBJECTVAR.$methodname. The properties and methods available in the new OW3 Worker Objects are described in the Extending Omnis manual in the Web and Email Comms chapter. Note the HTTPClientWorker object can also be used to provide an interface to a REST based web service, but without the need to install Java as with the previous HTTP client worker objects.

Examples in the Hub in Studio 8.1.1

An example library for each Web or Email protocol has been added to the Samples group under the Hub (displayed when you first start Omnis) to demonstrate the use of the new OW3 Worker Objects; look for HTTP, SMTP, FTP and IMAP in the list.

The Hub provides access to information and videos for new users, including the latest news about software releases, conferences, and so on. Plus you can view a number of JavaScript Example apps under Applets, and the examples under Samples like the OW3 worker objects. The Hub also shows you the latest Faults that have been fixed or reported, and lets you set various Options in the IDE.

Try the latest Omnis Studio 8.1.1

You can try out the new OW3 Worker Objects and the example libraries in the Hub, plus all the other new features in the Studio 8.1.1 release, by downloading a 90-day free trial version from here:


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