New TECH Talks help Developers Create JavaScript Apps in Omnis Studio

Omnis TECH Talks

We are excited to announce a brand new initiative to help developers create and deploy JavaScript Apps in Omnis Studio. The new Omnis TECH Talks is a series of technical seminars or discussions featuring a short demo and discussion of a technical subject within Omnis Studio. The TECH Talks will be held every month or so by one of our software engineers or other technical staff from the Omnis development team at Carlton Park in the UK, or one of the other offices.

A few days before the TECH Talk live session, we will publish a short video exploring the topic, and we encourage developers to watch the video, try out some of the techniques covered, and then think of some questions they would like to ask or make a note of any issues they found.

When is the first TECH Talk?

We can reveal that the first TECH Talk video has been published. It covers the topic “Debugging JavaScript Apps in Omnis Studio” and has been created by Jason Gissing, an Omnis Software Engineer, at Carlton Park in the UK: Jason started in QA but has been working in Engineering for a number of years and is now a familiar face at Developer conferences. Jason will show how you can use powerful developer tools built into most browsers to debug your JavaScript Client apps, as well as touching on creating custom CSS styles and using JavaScript in your forms.

Omnis TECH Talk

The first live session will be held on Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 3.30pm GMT (7.30am PST, 10.30am EST, 4.30pm CET). Jason will play the video at the beginning of the live session, and will then be available to answer any questions you may have and discuss the topics raised in the video.

Info & Registration

We encourage you to watch the video, and to register if you’re interested in joining the live TECH Talk session on Feb 27. After you register, and nearer to the event, we will send you full details about how to join the live session.



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