New Property & Class Search in Omnis Studio 8.1

Omnis Studio 8.1 includes many enhancements which we will cover on the Blog over the coming weeks, including the ability to export libraries to JSON & GIT support, the new Headless Server, Code signed Omnis on macOS, and the new OW3 Web and Email comms component. Today we’re going to focus on a couple of significant additions to the Property Manager and Studio Browser in Studio 8.1 that will make application development and coding easier and faster.

The Property Manager can now display all the properties for an object or a subset of properties. There is a checkbox at the top of the Property Manager window labelled Show All, which either shows all properties for the current/selected object listed under specific tabs (like previous versions), or a single filtered list of “basic” properties, with no tabs. When you first start Omnis, the Show All option is unchecked, so when you’re new to Omnis, this option ensures that only the essential properties for an object are shown, therefore simplifying coding. For example, the following image shows the properties for a remote form in “basic” mode (Show All is off):

Property Manager

When you are more confident, you can check the option to show all the properties, to see more advanced properties and settings for an object. When all properties are visible, there is a Search box at the top of the Property Manager window which allows you to search for a property – you can type a word or part of a word into the search box and the property list will update itself as you type. This is handy if you know a property contains a certain word, such as ‘show’, but you cannot think of the exact property name. So in this case, you could type ‘show’ and the Property Manager will display only those properties containing the word ‘show’.

Property Manager

Along with the property search, there is a new Search box on the Studio Browser that allows you to filter the objects displayed in the library or class list allowing you to find classes and other objects more easily. To search for an item, navigate to the correct view in the Studio Browser (e.g. libraries, classes, sessions, projects, etc), type the first character of the item(s) you are looking for, and the Studio Browser list will instantly redraw, displaying only those items that start with the character(s) you typed. For libraries or projects with hundreds of classes this simple but powerful change will help you find objects a lot quicker, speeding up your application development.

Studio Browser

Try the new Search in Omnis

If you would like to try out the new search option in the Property Manager and Studio Browser, along with all the other enhancements in Studio 8.1, then you can download a free, 90-day trial version from here:


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