INFOGRAPHIC: Global Smartphone Sales, Market Share by Vendor and OS

Looking at a recent press release from global IT analyst Gartner, we thought we would share some of the data with you and point out some of its findings. Global sales of smartphones continued to increase by 5% in 2016 to over 1.5 billion units, which implies an increasing number of people right across the globe are using such phones for business and leisure, to access information and entertainment, and to run apps. This unstoppable rise and use of smartphones further highlights the need for applications to support a whole range of different devices, including mobile phones as well as desktop computers. If you use Omnis Studio you can build apps that will run on virtually any device, on any platform, which prepares you for the increasing shift to mobile devices.

The second pointer from Gartner’s data is the dominance of Android as the operating system of choice for the majority of the phone vendors or manufacturers. With the decline of BlackBerry and Windows, it is Android and iOS that are the dominant platforms for smartphones, with Android grabbing around 82% of total market share by operating system in Q4 2016, with iOS on 18%, and all the others accounting for less than 0.5%. However, if you are using Omnis Studio to create enterprise and mobile apps you can cater to any operating system, so you can satisfy your end users now and in the future, regardless of which operating systems rise or fall in popularity.

Global Smartphone Sales Infographic

For all the data and further commentary on the global smartphone market, see the full press release from Gartner:


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