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Open Source Omnis

We are very excited to bring you the latest development in our effort to extend support for Open Source in Omnis Studio. Following the release of Omnis Studio 8.1, that allows you to export a library in JSON format which you can then store in any external VCS or SVN, we created our own repository on GitHub and started to post example JavaScript components there. Now we have created a page on the Omnis dev portal bringing together our own and various developer-lead open source projects and repositories.

As you will see there are several Omnis developers already providing sample libraries and extra IDE tools for Omnis Studio, but today we are delighted to tell you about a new developer initiative,

The project

The project is a set of resources for adding modern ‘Continuous Integration’ and build processes to Omnis Studio, hence the ‘ci’ extension. This is a collaborative project brought to you by dedicated Omnis developers Alex Clay and Henk Noppe, and we would like to thank them for their fantastic efforts to promote open source in Omnis and for launching this valuable resource for Omnis developers. Let Alex explains his motivation and concept behind creating, via the note he posted on our Developer portal:

The new project contains a wealth of advice about getting started on Github, including information about sharing your Omnis libraries on Github, and contributing to Omnis libraries and projects already on Github.

Again we’d like to say a huge thanks to Alex and Henk for their efforts and we hope that all Omnis developers will use and support this very exciting and valuable new initiative.


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