Code Signed Omnis provides greater security for your Apps

Code Signed Omnis

In today’s competitive online marketplace for software, it is very important to reassure your customers that they are downloading genuine software and to verify that your products have not been tampered with in any way. We are used to tight security on websites, using SSL, but increasingly software publishers are protecting software of all kinds, including development tools and packaged software, using similar digital signing techniques. This is why we have provided a code signed version of Omnis Studio on macOS for version 8.1.

Signed for Security

With Studio 8.1, the Omnis Studio application package on macOS has been code signed, which means it can be granted permissions to perform actions, such as running AppleScript commands. An application can only be signed if its code portion remains unchanged, which for Omnis means the code portion located in the folder: Omnis\ Studio\ 8.1\

As a consequence of code signing, any files that need to be updated must be stored as user application data located in the user’s home directory under: ~/Library/Application Support/Omnis/

To do this, when Omnis starts up it will check for the existence of a folder called ‘firstruninstall’ in the macOS folder in the Omnis package. Any items which are contained in this folder (e.g. icons, studio, startup) are copied by default to a folder in Application Support with the same name as the Omnis package; they are only updated in this location and the original macOS folder is unchanged and its signature remains valid.

New or updated components can be placed in a special folder under Application Support allowing the signed code part of Omnis to remain unaltered. The user data folder is always searched first, so new or updated components will be loaded in preference. When deploying your own application, any files placed in the firstruninstall folder will be treated as user data and will be copied to the Application Support folder.

Further details about Code Signing

For further details about Code Signing on macOS, and all the other features in Studio 8.1, see the What’s New in Studio 8.1 doc, which is available here:


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