Learn Omnis from the best at Euromnis developer conference

Euromnis 2017

With about 6 weeks to go until Euromnis, we thought we would highlight the great speakers at this annual conference, which is run by the Omnis developer community – and enthusiastically supported by Omnis Software! All the speakers at the Euromnis conference are the best in their chosen field, within the wide spectrum of Omnis development – some have been using Omnis for over 30 years, starting with the very early versions, while others are much more recent exponents of their development tool of choice, Omnis Studio.

All the speakers have an immense knowledge of Omnis, all have developed real-life Omnis solutions that have succeeded in their market place, and all give their time and knowledge generously and freely at the conference. There is no other place where you can learn the art of Omnis coding and application development, so intensively and collaboratively, and in such a great location.

As well as the familiar faces and Euromnis die-hards presenting at this year’s conference, there are two new speakers, who will no doubt charm and amaze the conference attendees with their vast Omnis knowledge and coding expertise!

Alex Clay Alex Clay leads the development team at Suran Systems, Inc., based in Versailles, Kentucky, which provides data management solutions for religious and non-profit organisations. Alex manages a team of Omnis developers and has trained several in Omnis, and he has presented at numerous other conferences. At the Euromnis conference, Alex will show attendees how to add automated testing to both new and existing code with OmnisTAP (a unit-testing framework he created for Omnis Studio), together with how to bring git branching, automated testing and DevOps release management to Omnis Studio applications – he will touch on some of the new features in Studio 8.1 (released in Aug 2017) which allow library sharing on GIT via the new import/export JSON feature.
Jason Gissing Jason Gissing is a software engineer with Omnis Software and has been with the company over 8 years, working mainly on the JavaScript Client, JS components, and mobile wrappers. At Euromnis, Jason will show attendees how to use Worker Objects to add multi-threaded capabilities to your applications (using SQL initially), and he will provide an introduction to RESTful concepts and using Omnis to both host and consume RESTful APIs. Attending Jason’s sessions will give you the “inside track” on the inner workings of the worker objects in Studio 8.1 and the RESTful API, and will help to accelerate your Omnis knowledge onto another level.

A full list of all the great speakers at Euromnis is here:

Euromnis takes place October 15-20, 2017 at the Hotel Klein Zwitserland, near Arnhem in The Netherlands. Full conference information and registration, is provided here:

Can I afford it?

If you are wondering can I afford to go to the conference, in both time & money – then think again – can you really afford not to go! Remember that the hours of quality learning and deep knowledge you get at Euromnis, far outweigh the conference fees, many times over – you will acquire knowledge that will most likely benefit you in your career as a developer, that could have a direct impact on your commercial success with Omnis Studio.

Try before you fly!

If you would like to try Omnis Studio 8.1 before you attend the Euromnis conference, you can download Omnis Studio 8.1 and register for a free 90-day trial on the Omnis website here:


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