GIT and JavaScript Control integration in Studio 8.1 brings Omnis to a new generation of developers

This latest release brings the benefits of developing apps in Omnis Studio to a whole new generation of developers, and vastly increases the richness and capabilities of your Omnis web and mobile apps. Omnis Studio version 8.1 allows developers to upload and share their libraries on GIT, enabling them to reach a larger audience on the popular code sharing site while bringing the benefits of using Omnis Studio to a wider developer community. The release also lets you take widely available JavaScript Controls and add them to your Omnis libraries and projects, increasing the richness of the Omnis UI and opening up the Omnis IDE to new JavaScript component developers. Studio 8.1 also includes a brand new interactive tutorial, called Welcome to Omnis, in which developers can create a simple web or desktop app, designed to introduce Omnis to more application developers and business owners.

Enhancements in Omnis Studio 8.1 further include the ability to send Push Notifications to clients, making your mobile apps more engaging and interactive for end users. Plus web and mobile forms can now be fully responsive, with tightly defined layout breakpoints, allowing you to cater to all devices and platforms from one single application code base. And we’ve added a “headless” version of the Omnis App Server to this release, allowing you to deploy your web and mobile apps easily and seamlessly on a wider range of Linux server configurations.

This release contains numerous more enhancements and fixes aimed at enriching the application development experience, and making it easier and quicker to create and deploy enterprise, web and mobile apps to all markets. A complete guide to all the new features in Omnis Studio 8.1 is in the “What’s New in Studio 8.1” doc (Whatsnew81.pdf), available to view or download with the new release.

Try it for yourself

You can try out all the new features in Omnis Studio 8.1 by downloading it from our website and registering for a free 90-day trial:

Upgrades for Existing users

Existing users currently on the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) can upgrade to Studio 8.1 free of charge: new serial numbers will be emailed to you following the release. Omnis developers not on a support program can upgrade to this new version by contacting their local sales office:


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