Omnis Studio 8.1 Beta 3

Omnis Studio 8.1 will be the next major release of Omnis Studio, and we are hoping to show parts of it at the up and coming developer conference in Germany (31 May + 1 June: details here). Meanwhile, registered developers are invited to continue testing the Beta version of the product, which has now reached the Beta 3 stage (the Beta program is limited to ODPP members only).

Along with some of the existing features we have added in previous beta versions, which include third-party VCS support and responsive JavaScript forms, Omnis Studio 8.1 Beta 3 includes several other important features, and many fixes (see the Readme for full details). Some of the new features include:

  • Omnis is Code Signed on macOS
    the Omnis Studio application package is now code signed on macOS, which provides increased security for you and your end users; consequently, files that may need modification (libraries) are copied to the Application Support folder when Omnis is first run
  • Lists
    there is a new method $selectduplicates to select duplicate lines in the list; the $first() and $next() list methods now take an additional optional condition parameter which must be met in order to match the first or next line
  • Themes
    you can now have multiple custom themes, and you can export and import your themes

To apply to test the Studio 8.1 Beta 3 release, assuming you are in the ODPP, please go to the Beta signup form:



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